The TurboTax File Service is for the average American with simple tax matters. Let's get started with the process of install TurboTax with the license code here.

Find the TurboTax License Code

To install and activate your TurboTax CD/Download software, you will first need a license code. If you don't know about the license code, it is a 16-character or 14-character combination of letters and numbers (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX).

Here are two ways to find the license code number:

a) CD Box:

A CD box can be used to obtain the TurboTax software licence code. It can be found on the envelope, insert, or sealing slip of the CD box. Check the CD box for the license code.

b) Confirmation Email:

A confirmation email is another way to find TurboTax software. Install turbotax with license code where the code will appear in the confirmation email or order history after you have installed the software.

Install TurboTax on Windows without a CD drive

  1. Close all programs running on the system, be it any tab or browser, and then return to the desktop screen. 

  2. Check and disable any antivirus software on your system.

  3. This is to avoid any kind of error or malfunction during the installation of the TurboTax software. It happens that sometimes this antivirus software creates obstacles during installation. 

  4. Before you begin the installation process, you must first download the TurboTax software. You can do this by visiting Intuit's official website, where you may find a link to download the software setup. 

  5. Once you have downloaded the software, save the file in the desired location where you can access it when needed.

  6. Double click on the downloaded file. It will start the installation wizard on your system. 

  7. Once the installation is complete, choose Launch TurboTax.

  8. The Enter License Code window appears.

  9. Enter your license code and complete the on-screen instructions.

Install Turbotax on Window with CD

  1. Close all programs on your system and temporarily disable the firewall and antivirus.

  2. Click on the "Run setup.exe" file on your operating system.

  3. To install TurboTax, insert the TurboTax CD into your system's DVD drive.

  4. Double-click the "setup.exe" file once the TurboTax program's files open.

  5. If you got TurboTax via the Internet, double-click the installer button and select "Next."

  6. Accept the following terms and conditions and click "I accept".

  7. Click "Change" if you want to change the location where TurboTax downloads.